My dear friend,

Harbour Secrets was born out of simple intention: to provide a refreshing and fascinating alternative to the usual dinner night in Hong Kong.  In a city where people never say no to a party, the range of options turned out to be surprisingly narrow (we don't consider trying a newly opened restaurant as a thrilling change to your routine).

Thinking about the concept, we realized that we want to praise the city we all live in. All our stories are inspired by remarkable Hong Kong. A place filled with ever-changing facades and plenty of harboured secrets.

At Harbour Secrets, we are graced with our very own creative faction that consists of writers from the Hong Kong film and television industry. The ideas never stop flowing. This allows us to provide enthralling events and stories to all our guests.

We also have established a wide range of partnerships with local restaurants, private kitchens, photographers, costume stores, makeup artists and so on. The list is on-going. This allows our guests to choose the atmosphere that will best suit their specific occasion.

Book an evening with us and see how the once casual evening turns into a wild affair of debauchery and intrigue

Your keeper of the keys,