My dear friend, 

It is important you know that add ons can be included in your package. Additions can be applied to all package options except for the Happy Valley Hamper. Explore the options below, and let's see if we can spice up your night even further!

Your cryptic creature,


Save yourself the trouble and allow us to help you arrange costumes for your night. Your guests will look so good, you might not even recognise them.

Makeup artists

Painting a face is never easy, and if you are anything like us, you prefer to leave it to the professionals.

Venue set up

Sometimes your locations requires a little extra gravitas to set the scene. Let us know and we can most certainly arrange this for your evening. 

videographer and/or photographer

Often these occasions are just too fabulous to be left undocumented. Need we say more?

recorded character descriptions

If you feel your guests will not have time to read through their character descriptions, we offer an addition that will allow for them to listen to a recorded description of their character on any mp3 playing device.

Hostage audio recording

You might like to send a more engaging invitation to your guests by sending a hostage recording. If you would like a professional to record the message on your behalf, that can certainly be arranged as well.

Hostage video

Perhaps you would really like to make a day of things by recording a hostage video. With a professional film crew, we can shoot a hostage film invite that will be sent to all your guests in preparation of the big event.