My dearest friend,

Harbour Secrets welcomes you to the World of Suzie Wong! As a private client, will enjoy an evening filled with excitement and intrigue by playing a role to discover ‘whodunnit’.

This murder mystery Dinner is offered to clients who wish to host a private dinner of 12-20 people.

Step into the world of 1960s Hong Kong where retired officer Roger Lomax has fallen madly in love with lady of the night Suzie Wong. Roger comes from a high society family known as The Lomax family; they are greatly respected and very established within Hong Kong society. This evening Mrs. Lomax is hosting a dinner party at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel - little does she know that whilst making arrangements for the evening, her daughter Emma Lomax has been kidnapped. All will be revealed at dinner, and hopefully with the help of her guests, Mrs. Lomax will be able to find her daughter safely and in time.

Before the dinner party, you and your guests will receive background information on your individual roles and the plot. One or more of you will be playing a murderer. During the evening guests will interact with each other to investigate and solve various clues that lead to the guilty culprit. Communication is the key. For the murderer, it is important to lay the suspicion on someone else. By the end of the game, players will their theories of ‘whodunnit’ and take a vote.

Will the murderer be caught, or will they go free? That is for the future to know and us to find out…

As an aside…

Please note that we offer a different concept for large scale events - Hong Kong Hustle, but it can be adapted for smaller groups as well. Send us an inquiry to learn more.

Your arcane attendant,