My dearest friend,

Harbour Secrets welcomes you to the Hong Kong Hustle! As a corporate client, you will need a team of Sherlocks to uncover the heinous crime that has been committed at your event.
You may choose to investigate a Scandalous Murder or an Audacious Theft.

This EVENT is offered to clients who wish to host a Larger Scale Dinner game of 20 - 500 people.

You are cordially invited to the famous Coleman's Auction House annual preview dinner. During the evening guests will enjoy the privilege of an early viewing for some of the most exclusive pieces up for auction. However… this lovely evening will unfortunately be interrupted by a horrific crime. There are five suspects and numerous clues. Guests will need to use their sharp inquisitive minds to investigate and name the culprit.

When guests arrive to the event, they will be given an envelope with background information and useful tools to help solve clues throughout the evening. Participants must decide who of the five suspects is guilty and by the end of the game, players will vote on ‘whodunnit’.

Your loyal helper, 

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