Harbour Secrets introduces a new entertainment option in hong kong: interactive detective-themed and murder mystery dinner games inspired by the thrilling history and electrifying city life of Hong Kong.

My dear friend,

Are you planning a celebratory dinner with friends, surprise birthday party or a team building?

Name any good reason for a get-together and rest assured that Murder Mystery dinners can suit them all. Private party or a corporate event - any occasion can be turned into an evening with a thrilling twist.

When a special occasion comes, you want to have a more memorable experience. Despite numerous restaurants and various cuisines available, entertainment options in Hong Kong can be quite repetitive.

Harbour Secrets murder mystery and detective-themed events is a refreshingly original idea for a dinner party. Our mission is to provide our clients with a thrilling alternative to a regular night out.

You literally will have a night to die for.

"What is a murder mystery dinner party?"

you might ask. Well, it is an interactive immersive party game where all partygoers find themselves being a part of a criminal investigation, wherein one or more of them is secretly playing a murderer.  Over the course of the dinner, attendees shall attempt to solve a mystery and find out whodunit. To solve the mystery, you’ll need to work with other guests to gather important clues and reveal all the harboured secrets.

Harbour Secrets can adhere to different event scales.

Harbour Secrets provides assorted assorted murder mystery packages to allow for you to choose the kind of evening you prefer.

For dinners with 12-20 players we will suggest a classic murder mystery game, where all the guests are assigned to characters and are actively involved in the investigation, playing their roles. Such games require a certain preparation from the guests before the game night.

For larger scale of 20-150 guests we will create a themed detective game which requires little to zero additional preparation from the guests. The specific scenario will be tailor-made for you, based on the individual requirements. 

Do visit our 'Packages' tab to review the various event options available and learn how to get a special festive discount. Remember as well, there are 'Add Ons' available to make your night even more unique. To inquire more information or book an event just send us a message

Our packages do not include dinners costs as this allows for the freedom to set the mystery wherever you like. If you would like recommendations for a restaurant we are happy to provide you with a few suggested fabulous venues.

Whichever option you will choose,

it certainly will be an evening to die for.

Your shadow in the night,