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22+ Guests

Hosted by Harbour Secrets: Contact for pricing
Pricing dependent on party size

Online Virtual Event/

In-Person Event

Multiple Storylines Available  & Customisation

From Auction Houses to Underground Casinos, Birthday Bashes to Cosmetic Launch Parties; with Hong Kong Hustle, there are ample storylines available for your event.

We are also able to customise a storyline for your special occasion.


Before the party...

Before the dinner party, you and your guests do not need to prepare anything. The only potential preparation is if you’d like your guests to dress to a theme.


On the evening of your party, someone attending your event will suddenly be murdered, or there will be a heist. Your guests must then work in teams to interview the named suspects (our actors) and solve other clues. By the end of the game, the teams will decide ‘whodunnit’ before the true culprit is revealed.

Will you teams manage to deduce who this culprit is?

That is for the future to know and us to find out…

This Package Includes: Event support, professional actors playing the role of the suspects, clue books, physical clues to be revealed throughout the game, and a host to navigate your evening. 


Add Ons: You can hire additional actors to add to the atmosphere and also act as additional support to your guests as they solve whodunnit, and you can hire additional hosts to assist in running the event.

Note:  Our services do not include dinner nor venue costs as we are simply the entertainment.

A Night At The Auciton House


This is our most popular storyline for larger events. The storyline can be conducted as a murder or a theft.

Set at Coleman’s Auction House, this evening you will enjoy the privilege of an early viewing some of the most exclusive pieces up for auction this season. However, word has reached us of a certain guest with more cruel intentions... Keep your eyes peeled…

The Pinched Potion


Set at a launch party for the greatest cosmetic invention of the century - your wrinkles will become so smooth, we’ll all start calling ourselves Benjamin Button. Everyone wants a piece. But during the reveal we find someone has stolen the coveted recipe! Who amongst us dunnit…?

The Theft of the Tiger Necklace


Find yourself in a casino famous amongst the criminal underworld. Tonight is the one night of the year the world’s top syndicates gather for a evening of poker, and to win a priceless prize. This year it is the Tiger Necklace - lost to the tides of history, until today…

The Birthday Bash


This is our newest storyline all about birthdays! Clue books will be customised with the birthday persons’s name and photos.

Set at a fabulous birthday party, everyone is gathered to celebrate the birthday person! However, something rather unfortunate occurs when the main gift is presented to the birthday person and is found to have been stolen!

The Absent Award


It’s time to get musical. Set at the glamorous music awards, this will be a night to remember. Not only will it be a night filled with song and dance, but it will become a hunt for the stolen “Musician of the Year” award. A prize on which many have their eyes, and one has successfully taken…

Customised Story


Our priority is to make your event a night to remember. So we also offer customised storylines. The cost is dependent on level of customisation, and delivery is dependent on our team’s availability. Please give at least 8 weeks notice.



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