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Calling all the junior detectives!

Looking for a fun and unique kids birthday party?

Or are you planning an extracurricular school activity? 


We collaborate with an edutainment company FezEd and merge years of teaching and immersive entertainment expertise to offer unique, fun and engaging activities for children. 

Kids birthday parties

This one-of-a-kind party format will invite children to participate in a thrilling adventure and let their imaginations come to life! 


Our detective games is a fun and engaging activity for children. They will find themselves in the middle of a mysterious crime and will need to put their Sherlock hats on (literally and figuratively!) to crack the case.

It is a fun and engaging activity for children, where they can also practice their creative and critical thinking!

Our games is an “edutainment” in its purest form - gamified and entertaining yet educational experiences.

Think of this as a mixture of an immersive game, scavenger hunt and a detective book, filled with improvisation, puzzles, creativity and learning!

If you are planning an English Day, school fair, a fun extracurricular activity or an activity for one of the subjects, we have an option for you to offer!


We can tailor a theme and the format of the event to your needs. For example if you have a sustainability week in school, we can offer an exciting mystery game that will have this theme as the core "setting" for the plot. Kids will interact and learn about the concepts they've been learning about in a completely new and imaginative way! All while having lots of fun and getting to practice their critical and creative thinking. 

School events

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Where is the route?

What to expect?

When children arrive to the venue, they will step into the “crime scene” and immerse into the narrative by our actors. They will be tasked to solve a crime and the thrilling detective plot begins!


Working in smaller teams and guided by the actors, children will be the main driving force behind the discoveries. Everyone will actively partake in the tasks, talking to the suspects and cracking clues.


Our team will utilise visual aids, physical props and improvisational techniques to keep the kids engaged.

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About Fezed

Harbour Secrets is happy to join forces with an educational company FezEd to create this unique offering for children. 


FezEd makes education fun by using the number one tool children have at their disposal - their imaginations! Founded by Grant D'Aguiar, who has been a teacher in Hong Kong for the past 12 years and taught thousands of students over this time, FezEd offers “educational adventures”, helping children develop skills for success in the 21st century: critical thinking, communication, creativity and collaboration.

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How much is it?

Price varies depending on an age, size and the format of your event. Please send us an inquiry with a brief description of your party.

How LONG is it?

On average, the game takes 75 mins to complete. 

But it depends on the group size, format and the structure of the event. 

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