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8-13 Guests

Hosted by Harbour Secrets: HK$8,800

In-Person Event

Guests seated at a table, having a meal

Enter into the world of the Roaring 1920s… in Shanghai! During the 1920s, Shanghai became known as “The Paris of the East, the New York of the West”. It was a centre for artists, businessmen, expats and all the exciting new novelties from around the world. But tonight is for a more sombre occasion… You are attending the reading of the will of Edison Tong who died on June 3, 1927. Police suspect foul play, but can you get to the bottom of who amongst you is the murderer?


Package:    Hosted by Harbour Secrets

Bring out your oscar-winning performance with this traditional murder mystery where each guest plays a specific character. This hassle-free package means all you have to do is read up on your character, dress up in your costume and show up to the to the party ready to crack some conundrums!

You will receive your roles 2 weeks in advance of the party, so there's plenty of time to prepare. 

Harbour Secrets will provide two actors to guide your murder mystery party by playing the roles of Esmeralda Fortuna (the fortune teller) & Aatiq Patel (the lawyer).

This Package Includes: Event support, character descriptions for each guest, clue books, physical clues to be revealed throughout the game, and a host to navigate your evening.


Add Ons: You can hire additional actors to add to the atmosphere and also act as additional support to your guests as they solve whodunnit.


Note: This price does not include dinner nor venue cost. Harbour Secrets only provides the entertainment.


Before the party...

You and your guests will receive background information on your individual roles and the overall plot. One or more of you will be playing the murderer. During the evening, guests will interact with each other to investigate and solve multiple clues that lead to the guilty culprit. Communication is the key!


For the murderer, it is important to lay the suspicion on someone else.


By the end of the game, players will together decide ‘whodunnit’ before the truth is revealed. Will the murderer be caught, or will they go free? That is for the future to know and us to find out…

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