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We cater to both private and corporate events.

Whether a party of 8 or 700 people, we have a storyline for you!

Harbour Secrets provides unique detective-themed events that are interactive games in which your guests are invited to become immersed in a criminal investigation.

Our small event format is suitable for groups of 8 to 22 people.
And the Neon Nights storyline also has the option to be hosted as a

Self-Service event as well.

We also have a large event format - Hong Kong Hustle -

which is suitable for 22+ people. The storyline of this

package is also customisable.

Our newest experience is Cityscape. You will walk the streets in groups of 4-6 and find clues as you go. You can buy multiple to accommodate more people.

Certain points of the route can also be customised.


This "scavenger hunt" design can also be moved indoors and adjusted to any venue to accommodate for larger gala dinner events

A kind reminder, Harbour Secrets provides the entertainment for your party,

but the venue and dinner should be booked separately.

It is not included in our costs.


We are happy to recommend venue options if you’d like some suggestions.


The Roaring House

8-13 Guests


Neon Nights

13-25 Guests


Hong Kong Hustle

25+ Guests

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