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Cityscape Help Page:
Central Route


Where Is The Starting Point For This Route?

You and your team must meet at 
The Pedder Building:  12 Pedder Street, Central.

Welcome to the Cityscape: Central Route help page. 

Click "Reveal Answer" below for the LEAD that you need assistance with.

Are you stuck on one of the Leads on your Hunt Sheet? Don't know which
Clue Envelope to open?

Spoiler Alert

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LEAD 1 Lok Yu Tea House, 24-26 Stanley Street, Central

LEAD 7 Seoul Bros, 66 Hollywood Road, Central. Open Clue Envelope #6.

LEAD 2 Opposite Winning House, 10 Cochrane Street, Central

LEAD 8 Opposite Madera Hotel, 53 Hollywood Rd, Central.

LEAD 3 Linva Fashion, 38 Cochrane St, Central

LEAD 9 Submit your answers here: https://www.harboursecrets. com/cityscape-central-lead9

LEAD 4 Open Clue Envelope #38. The name is Jake Fong.

LEAD 10 Tai Kwun Parade Ground, 10 Hollywood Rd, Central.

LEAD 5 Pak Tsz Lane.

LEAD 11 Password: C1LJP6SK1

LEAD 6 Pak Tsz Lane Park. Open Clue Envelope #9.

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