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Neon Nights

Welcome to Harbour Secrets!

We are thrilled to invite you into the enthralling world of Neon Neights.

Be prepared for an evening to die for! 

Get ready for an exciting adventure!
All of you would have received the link to this page, but from here on out, your paths split.


As with all murder mysteries, information and instructions are vital. And with that, you are now tasked with discovering more about your specific role for the evening.

Be sure to scroll down and find your character. Upon clicking the name of your character, enter the password you received from the Harbour Secrets team. 


This will lead you onto the page that is only for you to see. There you will find a Welcome Pack for the game and your specific character. Be sure to keep these details to yourself! There are secrets you may not want anyone to see...


To learn more about the evening to come, be sure to also read the information below as it is relevant to each distinguished guest that is expected to attend. 

Welcome Pack
You will find the Welcome Pack on your designated character page. It contains all the information you will need in order to enjoy the most fantastic evening with your friends. Be sure to allocate some time to read your role in advance to be prepared to fully embrace this character and understand the details for the dinner. Although on the night you will have your character sheet printed for you, please study it beforehand.

Revealing Your Secrets

With regards to when to share your secrets - you certainly do not want to reveal the information right away, but you will need to share them at some point. There are no strict rules on how to tell your secrets, but we advise you to confess when you are asked directly/specifically about it. The goal is to share the information with the group when it is helpful in progressing the investigation. After all, you want to get to the bottom of the mystery by the end of the evening!

All the above doesn't apply, if you are the culprit! If you are guilty as charged, do not confess until the end of the game, when the votes will be casted and hosts will make it 


Your Costume

We also strongly encourage you to put some thought into your outfit. You will be surprised how even a small effort can greatly impact the overall vibe of the evening. You will find some guidelines for your costume in your character sheet, but feel free to go to town with your look! Accessories can be a really helpful way to add the right touch to your outfit as well. Don’t forget that we are going back in time to 1960s Hong Kong, so please try not to wear anything too modern.


On The Night

Lastly, on the night, we really encourage you to speak up. Even if you have a more "quiet" character, that doesn't mean you have to stay silent. It is fantastic when everyone at the table is engaged in the conversation, revealing secrets and accusing others to ultimately come to the conclusion of whodunnit. So don't be shy, dive in and have fun with it! 


Should you have any questions about the upcoming event, your role or your costume, please do not hesitate to ask.


This game is created by Harbour Secrets. We welcome you to find us and follow us on Instagram. By participating in a Harbour Secrets event, you understand and agree to our Terms and Conditions

Good Luck!


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